Ans : First record which error messages occurred. A captured photo of the display is often helpful. To clear the error code, you must cycle the unit power switch off for 30 seconds and back on to clear the displayed message. If the message comes back then contact GS Sports Service Team at (contact no.) or email us at [email protected], Further the showroom location should be mentioned.

Ans: If you bought your product from Gs Sports than we can provide service at no cost to you, as long as the unit is still under warranty. Call GS Sports technical service team at (contact no.) or e-mail at [email protected] then they can provide service at no cost to you if the unit is still under warranty.

Ans: All our equipment provide years of use with minimum maintenance to keep the equipment operation safe and efficiently. Full instructions for you specific equipment can be found in your manual.

Ans: Product Serial Number can mostly be found in commonly areas on the machine or refer to you modals warranty card .

Ans: Your product warranty will still cover your parts warranty, although you may incur shipping charges on these parts. GS Sports does not cover labor outside of Sri Lanka.

Ans: Domestic units are for home use only. They are designed to give your family years of trouble-free use. Retail units will often have a greater number of workout programs and user profiles than a commercial counterpart. Domestic equipment has been optimized to work in the home setting and the need of your family.

Commercial units are used in gyms or higher use facilities. They are typically larger and have been designed with premium materials and components for years of 8 plus hours of use per day. Commercial units may have a more streamlined offering of workout programs and user profiles when compared to their in-home .

GS Sports have two fully equipped showrooms located at Madiwela ( link) & flagship store located at Colpetty (link)

Once the order is placed our agent will contact you and confirm to deliver within 1-2 working day.

Ans: Yes. After you receive the requested quotation, you can confirm the order by reviewing the prices. If you confirm the order by reviewing the prices. If you wish, the option to change the order exists as well.

Ans: Currently we have the options of payment We will be updating our online payment option soon.

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