How to make fitness part of your lifestyle

Starting a new habit is difficult. It is known that creating a new habit can take up to 254 days but no matter how long it takes, you should be consistent and keep going no matter how difficult it is. Cultivating habits take time, patience and never giving up no matter what obstacles you face. It is in the face of these obstacles that your resolve is truly tested, but if you keep going, you will prevail. Here are 4 tips on how you can make fitness and exercise a habit.

  1. Make it convenient

Adding new things to our already busy schedules can be a daunting thought while actually following through with it may seem like a tough task. This is why you should keep it convenient and easy. Find a gym close to you so that it won’t take long rides or you won’t feel lazy to go. If you want to do a morning workout, keep your equipment ready the night before. This way you are making it easier for you to just get on with your workouts.

Don’t compare your progress to others especially with those who are fitter than you. This will demotivate you. Instead, understand that they worked hard to get to the place they are in and work just as hard to reach your goals. Always be happy with your progress and keep motivating yourself. Celebrating small victories works wonders for your confidence, motivation and self-acceptance.

Don’t set yourself unreasonable goals. For example, if you are 90kg, don’t set a goal to lose 30kg in a week. It is not practical and can lead to demotivation. Set goals that are realistic and work hard to reach your goal. We all work at different paces so it’s okay to go at your own pace as long as you are working hard towards it.

Cultivate healthy habits and keep pushing on your fitness journey!

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