Why is cardio such an important factor in having a successful fitness journey?

There are quite a lot of gym-goers who love lifting heavy weights but leave cardio untouched. While it may seem like a lazy task to run on a treadmill or to use a cycle, cardiovascular training is key to make sure your fitness journey is complete. There are so many reasons as to why doing cardio training is beneficial to you.

  1. Aids sleep

Cardio training is known to have a positive effect on your sleep cycle as well as your stress levels. People who sleep well are seen to be less stressed, more energized and in a much better mood. Cardio training 2-3 hours before your bed time will help you have a better sleep.

Cardiovascular training helps strengthen the immune system of your body as it helps send oxygen to cells that need it while also increasing antibodies in your blood that fight disease. This will help you stay immune while also helping your recover faster when ill.

Doing a daily cardio exercise routine will help you focus better and lift your mood. Exercising releases emotion stabilizing chemicals in the brain that will help keep your mood stable and boosted while working out helps you stay mentally stronger and more focused. It is important to train your mind while training your body.

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